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Check the latest updates about Condolence messages for Death, Loss, Card, Mother, Father, Brother, Examples, Samples,sms, flowers, tagalog, boss, UK .Condolence message want to share a moment what we are going to express in the mean of explaining about some serious situations, it is better to make a note and share through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Email Greeting as well and more social media platforms. Sympathy showing on others simply cannot be on the face so to do this there are many Condolence Message to express your views as being personal. So here are many different types of Condolence Messages examples which are listed according to the situation.

Latest Condolence messages for Death, Loss, Card, Mother, Father, Brother, Examples, Samples,sms, flowers, tagalog, boss, UK

  1. Life is full of ups and down. Maybe this is the most mournful time for you. Your father was so respectable person in our society. Maybe God keeps his soul in peace. Don’t let life discourage you. Genuine Condolence goes to you and your rest of family members.
  2. I / We can’t dream up what you are feeling after his/her death. No one and nothing can take his/her place. But still, we are always there for you. Don’t feel hesitate to inform us / me. Condolences
  3. I /we feel so sad for the death of (insert relationship of deceased to bereaved here ). He/she was a great person. My heartfelt condolences on his/her passing away.
  4. It is unfortunate to hear about the loss of your loved one. Please be strong and I/ we all will be always there for you. my condolence messages for mother loss
  5. Hey, I/we just got the bad news. No matter wherever she/he is. He/she will always be watching over you. May his/her soul Rests in Peace.
  6. I am really sorry for your loss. There is no word to make you feel better now. Please be strong. my hearty Condolences.
  7. I am quite shocked at the accidental death of your mother. May her soul rest in peace.My sincere condolences to you.
  8. It hurts me a lot that, (insert relationship of deceased to bereaved here) is not more. I’ll always feel His / her presence. My sincere condolences to your family members.
  9. I can feel a bit what you are feeling right now. May your father rest in peace.My deepest sympathies and condolences to you.
  10. It is so unfortunate that a good person is no longer between us and left us alone forever. I express my deepest Condolences to you.
  11. I / we will never forget her kindness for everything in this world.
  12. I/ we know what you are going through. It is a very difficult time in your life. But please don’t feel that you are alone. In your every step of your life, I’ll / we’ll always there to hold you. May your father blesses you from heaven.
  13. Unfortunately, thing happens in our life. Don’t shed your tears. please be strong in your life. We pray that your aunt rests in peace. Condolences
  14. May God forgive and accept his soul into the heaven. Condolences
  15. I am really blessed to have known your father. He was a respected person in our office and I/we will miss him.take care of you and your family.My condolences.
  16. I am really blessed to have known your father. He was a respected person in our office and I/we will miss him.take care of you and your family.My condolences.I pray and hope that you uncle gets the eternal peace. We are there for you in this difficult time. Sincere condolences to you.
  17. Once someone leaves the world, they never come back. See your father/mother left so many good things for you. He/she will be happy if you move forward in your life Please be strong and stay positive in life. May his/her soul rest in peace.
  18. I am very much sad to hear of the passing of your mother. Please take my inmost condolences to your family. May God give you and your family all the strength and courage you need.
  19. I know, the death of loved one is so much tragic thing. You are a very strong girl/boy. we are there for you always. Please accept our sincere condolences.
  20. I/we am/are very sorry to hear about your loss. Please Don’t let your loss to ruin your career. Stay strong and positive in your life. Prayers and condolences to you
  21.  I just came to know about your loss. I am very sorry I could not be there at that time as I was outstation. Please don’t feel hesitate to call me at any need. May your father be at peace
  22. There is no object that can fill your emptiness. life should go on with your positivity. I/we am/are here for you. Do not feel that you are alone or no one will be there at this moment. We will hold your father in our hearts forever.
  23. We are very blessed that we know your mother.May your mother can travel without any pain on to the next part of life. Never lose your hope. I/ we am/are there for you at any cost
  24. There is never a perfect time to say ‘GOOD BYE’ to our loved ones. Your father is surely watching over you and blessing you and your family. Don’t lose your hope. my condolences messages for loss of father
  25. Life is unpredictable. We don’t know what will happen in the next time. Loss of your mother/father was quite uncertain too. Please take care of you and your family. my condolence messages for mother /father through this condolence messages SMS
  26. No one loves to be apart from our loved ones. Your mother was a great person. Maybe she is smiling on you from the heaven. Be strong and take care of your father. Deepest condolences go out to your all family members.
  27. I am truly very sorry for your loss. Your uncle was a very kind-hearted person we ever were seen. He will always remain in our heart with respect and love. Deep condolences go to your family.
  28. We all know you were very close to your mother. And suddenly starting a day without her is more difficult for you. Be strong and your mother is watching over you with love that lasts forever.
  29. A hard time comes in our life but passes also. Nothing can stick to our life forever. We are very sorry your this major loss. Mr. / Mrs (insert relationship of deceased to bereaved here ), will always be missed sadly. May God rest him /her in peace.
  30. One day everyone has to leave this world and enter the eternal world. Nothing is in our hand. Losing your  (name) (insert relationship of deceased to bereaved here ) was quite unpredictable. Extending my/our deep Condolences to you.

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condolences messages for loss of mother

Condolence messages for Death, Loss, Card, Mother, Father, Brother, Examples, Samples,sms, flowers, tagalog, boss, UK

  • A heartfelt condolence to you for your loss, in kind of your uncle, passed away
  • No matter how you are in my life as a friend, but my condolence for your father loss.
  • It’s my personal experience with you as being many years, my warm condolences to you for being a loss of your family.
  • It’s very hard to digest of your loss as being a potentially fatal accident for your father, may his soul rest in peace.
  • I would like to show sympathy for being your mother is seriously ill.
  • As being a very serious matter about your father, My personal condolences message for loss of father.
  • Though you’re in the sad situation my condolence to your brother cannot be stopped as being of our friendship.
  • Words are written on the stone remind as your father is alive, though he is passed away from us, be strong and brave.
  • A Sudden death of your mother makes me shocked and lost my innocence as being a good stranger.
  • So sorry to hear to hear your beloved wife has passed away.
  • It’s very saddened for us, to make sure the death of your father, make his soul rest in peace.
  • My deepest condolences to you upon the passing of your mother.
  • May your memories will remain and sustain this movement.
  • How far you’re, but my deepest condolences to you on passing away of your Uncle.
  • May your father’s soul is rest in peace, prayers upon your father will make him to heaven.
  • Though my heartfelt condolence may not make you sympathy, my prayers will definitely ensure an active mind.
  • We pray the god to give more strength on this difficult time for your loss.
  • Sympathy showing you doesn’t mean that you are weak, it’s a mark to enlarge your ability at this difficult moment.
  • Very sorry to express my condolence for your loss.
  • Never think of long pain as your loss your family member, be brave at this moment.
  • My Condolences to you and your family on the passing of your brother.
  • I pay my attention to prayers towards your family.
  • It’s being a loss of your mother, my deepest condolence to you.
  • May your father loss being very hard to believe, my condolence for the loss of your joy.
  • I pray for your peace and comfort as to continue your life journey being your parent loss.
  • He leaves behind the world but his memories will remain in our heart as the name itself.
  • Your father passed away from us, but his love and affection are always with us.
  • I treated you like my brother, don’t regret to share your opinions as your parent loss.
  • Things may happen as decided by God, it’s very difficult to show sympathy upon you for loss of your sister.
  • I am very saddened as I hear about the death of your father, my deepest condolence.
  • She is with you for a long time as being she deserves her love upon you reminds always of you, though she is not with you.
  • Brother is a word of relation, but still keeping affection with you as treated for loss of your brother
  • There are some things which might be happened, but these tragedies have made you very sad for the loss.
  • Nature also doesn’t respect our behavior, as your loss your son in the natural calamity, my deepest condolences to you.
  • Birth is a sweet gift by god as everyone deserves. But, my heartfelt condolences for baby loss.
  • Before your name, I always indulge to take a word with you as being my deepest moment’s happened in the past.
  • Too deliberate to justify as your uncle is passed away without knowing anyone.
  • We are deeply saddened by your father loss. Our prayers will make sure to the heavenly Father.
  • Death is not as we want, everyone has time to walk out. But, it’s a simple sympathy to show as we owned a relationship.
  • I offer my deepest condolence prayers, those who affected by the tragedy, find peace and prosperity in their hearts.
  • God gave us a beautiful father to us, you were always with you as helping hands. We miss you as you never made difficulty in our life. Our prayers will take you heaven.
  • There is a place in our home which we remembered everyday as it is a loving place with your memories. My deepest condolences for your brother loss.
  • A friend is not only sharing the ideas or anything else, but it’s our responsibility to make our deepest condolences on his/her death ceremony.
  • I usually think death is a tragedy in our life. But, we ensure it’s another birth given by God on others soul.
  • Many unbelievable memories are rushing in my mind as long as you are in my heart, but I can’t afford the loss of my friend.
  • Happy moments come from a good relationship, that I had with your family. My deepest condolence to you on his passed away.
  • Mother is a goddess in our world as no one deserve, as we are in pain of sorrow your love and affection will no one take away. My heartfelt condolences to you for your mother loss.
  • It’s a very sad day to know about the death of my loving friend which has great affections in the past.
  • We should not make any difference between birth and death, though we indulge to afraid of death that when coming to birth it’s a gift to us. So, both are same for our livelihood.
  • I hope this will be the last sorrow and sad moment in your life, Deepest condolences messages for loss of father who is caring for you.
  • No matter how she was with you, but she is really a good caring for you. Hope your caring is nearby you as part of your wife.
  • My deepest condolences to you as part of your sister loss with heartfelt memories with you.
  • Father is one stop to every human life, definitely, all our prayers will take him to heaven.
  • Every day you’re waiting for him but he is no more from tomorrow. But his love is with you as your kindness.
  • Nevertheless, it is not possible without you but I will be as you like to some extent.
  • Only faith in God and eternity will make our dear grandfather.
  • Death is not only for Candle, Bouquet, Flowers, and funeral it is also a send-off to our loving one from the world. Be brave on this difficult time.
  • May God treat and apologize for all her mistakes and take her to the throne of heaven with lovingly moments.
  • I am done for you because of my deepest condolences to you for your father loss.
  • Do not look down upon the love and affection what you had with your mother, she is with you as part of your happy life.
  • Your father is with you, though his soul has passed away his caring towards for you is known.
  • Though she worked with us very short time her remembrance cannot take away with our family.

short condolence messages

  • May God forgive and accept his death and may his soul is rest in peace.
  • We stand with our beloved uncle as his wife is passed away.
  • Great people who passed away from us will definitely visit again as our neighbors in ourselves.
  • I hope you to accept my condolences for the loss.
  • I am really sorry, what a terrible situation. It’s really a great loss to your family.
  • May the soul rest in peace as your brother passed away.
  • Though you are not in the same view of fact as being my deepest condolences to you and your family.
  • I regret to know about the loss of your daughter. May her soul rest in peace.
  • Death is for everyone and also death is part of human life. May her soul rest in peace.
  • May God him in a place of heaven as he is very kind to us.
  • God gives you comfort and strength with his warm regards of time at the difficult situation.
  • Death is also a gift of God which shows a path to our heavenly place to live upon with several memories.
  • Every day I think of longtime memories, as you’re no more with me.


  • My heartfelt condolence to you for the loss of your husband. May God blessing upon you at this moment.
  • I am so sorry to say and do not know what you have been recently, but my condolence to you for the loss of your husband.


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As part of condolence, there may be the expression of surprise for sudden actions. These may be as part of indulging to see the fact of sympathy.