Short Condolence Messages Samples

short condolence messages samples

short condolence messages samples are provided here which can add to your cards. if you have more space to write it’s better to share in comments. we made a complete list of short condolence messages this works well to share immediately.

Short Condolence Messages For a Friend

  1. Feeling so sad for the loos of your father
  2. I am so sorry for the late condolences
  3. My short condolences for the loss your mother
  4. My deep condolences for the loss of your brother
  5. Pls accept my late condolences for your mother death
  6. Praying to the God grants peace to the soul of your dear ones
  7. Rest in peace of your dear my deep condolences
  8. A sorrowful moment for your family my heartfelt condolences
  9. Words are not enough to fill the loss, my short condolences
  10. Heart and soul rest in peace
  11. I can’t able to express in words..My deep condolences
  12. Please accept my condolences a big loss to your family.

Simple short condolence messages for a friend

  1. She left your sight, Not from your heart
  2. Our condolences to your family members
  3. We are truly sorry to hear this loss to your family …
  4. We can’t fulfill your sorrows. But we can share your loss of your family
  5. We can understand the situation. My deep condolences to your family
  6. A difficult time. But need to accept this loss of your dear
  7. A shocked news for me, my short condolences to your mother